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Used Asphalt Milling Machine from GERL construction machines

Used Asphalt Milling Machine – Information on GERL Used Road Milling Machine

You would like to buy a used asphalt milling machine? Please contact us, we would like to advise you on our road mills and furthermore offer worldwide delivery. At GERL machines we offer a selection of well-known manufacturers such as WIRTGEN, BITELLI and CATERPILLAR.
Asphalt milling machines, also known as cold milling machines, are mostly used in road construction. With the rotating grinder, equipped with chisels, the existing pavement is being removed, respectively milled off. A modern used road mill is equipped with various mechanical and optical sensors, respectively leveling system. An irrigation sprinkler to avoid extensive dust exposure and to support the cooling of the grinding chisels is standard equipment with used asphalt milling machines. Depending on its application, a used asphalt milling cutter is delivered with either a chain drive, with 3 wheels or with 4 wheels. With a working width of approximately 0,50 m up to 1,00m we talk about small mills, from 1,00m up to 2,20m and more we talk about large mills, however an asphalt milling machine with over 2,20m are very barely deployed due to logistic reasons.
The grinding chisels are made out of high-tensile special steel, which can be re-ordered at GERL at any time.
You cannot find your suitable asphalt milling machine? Please contact us, we are always eager to satisfy our customers.

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