Used Forklifts and Telescopic Handlers – Information on Telescopic Forklifts by GERL.

Are you looking for suitable, used forklifts or telescopes? Then you are just right at GERL Baumaschinen Handel! Here you will find a large selection of used forklifts and used telescopes.
For more than 40 years, we have specialized in the trade of used forklifts, telescopes which are fully-functional, overhauled and immediately operational. Forklifts and telescopes are used to lift or move building materials and other loads. Since the telescopic arm can be rotated, lowered and extended, it can also be used in cramped spatial situations.

As a long-time construction machinery and commercial vehicle dealer, we offer a wide range of different used forklifts and used telescopes.
Used telescopic loaders are produced with different lifting capacities. Currently the maximum load capacity is 30,000 kg.
Used telescopic loaders have a permanent all-wheel-drive with a pendulous rear axle for optimum off-road driving and maximum traction.
Different operating modes of the 4×4 steering are selectable:
Telescopic lifting arms allow lifting heights of more than 30 m.
At the end of the telescopic boom, there are free connections for hydraulically driven equipment to quickly change the equipment.
If you cannot find “your suitable used forklifts or telescopes on our current stock list please contact us. We have another wide selection of used forklifts or telescopes on our factory site.

We are already looking forward to finding the right used forklifts or telescopes for you.

We also stock a wide range of used forklifts in different sizes and capacities. Mainly you will find diesel-powered forklifts at our site. The capacities range from 1.00 t, 2.00 t, 3.00t, 5.00t, 6.00t, 7.00t, 8.00t, 9.00t, 10.00t, 11.00t, 12.00t, 15.00t, 20.00t, 25.00t, 30.00t , 35.00t to 40.00t and more.

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