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Are you looking for a suitable, used skid steer loader? Then you are just right at GERL Baumaschinen Handel!
Here is a selection of our used skid steer loaders. For more than 40 years, we have specialized in trading with used compact loaders. We offer fully-functional skid steer loaders, general overhauled and immediately operational.
The skid steer loader is a construction machine and belongs to the group of wheel loaders. The used wheel loader basically consists of four components. Front (front loading bucket), engine, wheel drive and cab.
Used skid steer loaders have a power output of 10 – 40 KW – depending on the model. The weight (operating weight) is between 0.7 and 3.5 tons.
The payload (lifting load) of used skid steer loader ranges from 200kg to 1500kg. The front shovel of a skid steer loader usually comprises up to 1.4 cubic meters.
One of the most important features of this small wheel loader is the low machine width. The dimensions of the compact loader range from 0.9 to 1.75 m.

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    Used Skid steer loader – technic & equipment:

    Used Skid steer loader – technic & equipment:

    Used skid steer loaders have a hydrostatic four-wheel drive, high power output of the diesel engine, and the low operating weight, the small wheel loaders reach a maximum speed of up to 20 km / h. The axles are rigid. The steering is effected via a different running direction and rotational speed of the wheel pair on both sides. This steering system, which is known from other crawler vehicles, enables turning on the spot.
    As an alternative to the compact loader with wheel drive, the loaders are also manufactured with a crawler undercarriage. These used skid steer loaders get the name delta loader, because of the triangular chain run. Used delta loaders are especially designed for use on soft and slippery surfaces. The machine weight is spread over a larger area. This improves traction.
    To enable a versatile use of the devices, many devices are equipped with an additional hydraulic connection for attachments.
    Used skid steer loaders are particularly suitable for landscaping and horticulture, on small construction sites, on farms as yard loaders, but also in the demolition field because of their small space requirement.
    The compact loader is characterized by its low weight and its high maneuverability.
    Used skid steer loaders have an arm control. The side wheel pairs or crawler belts of the skid steer loader can be driven in opposite directions. This allows the used skid steer loaders to turn on the spot. For all used skid steer loaders, there are a variety of attachments that make the used skid steer loader a universal multipurpose machine. Thus, in addition to the shovel for bulk material, sweepers, asphalt milling machines, tilling machines, compressor plates, gripper heaps, bale fork, earth auger, snow milling, dumpers, hydraulic hammers, mixing machines, pallet forks, trenching and much more.
    Compact loaders are suitable for a number of tasks – for transporting tools, stacking material or moving earth masses.
    For example sweepers, auger, snow blade or a trenching machine can be installed on used skid loaders.
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    Used skid steer loaders and manufacturers

    Known manufacturers for used skid steer loaders are BOBCAT, CASE, CAT, EUROCOMACH, GEHL, JCB, KOMATSU, TEREX, VOLVO, WACKER NEUSON and more.
    The machines are considered high-quality and reliable. For this reason, these used skid steer loaders are still in top condition after years of use. You can buy used skid steer loaders at GERL SERVICES – Baumaschinen Handel.